Five Talents – Lilith & the Garden

After a brief “imprisonment” of Tie in a Las Vegas casino, Lilith retrieves him and they set out back to LA to help Gast and the others. Along the way, they’re pulled over by a cop Lilith offers some assurance to, which prompts her and Tie to discuss the beauty of all God’s creations, and how the Devils sow discord among humans by instilling prejudice supported by self-righteousness:

Lilith pulled the car back onto the highway and pressed the accelerator to the floor. They were just passing the grapevine and had another hour to go, “You weren’t there in the garden,” she lectured, “God, the Creator I mean,” she clarified for Tie, “He made everyone. All the different colors and cultures representing aspects of Himself and His love, all different kinds of people, humors and sensibilities. And you Devils do such a good job of dividing them by creating this mold they believe is good to fit and justifying hatred of anything outside the mold.”

Tie slouched tiredly in the passenger seat and looked out the window idly, “Pride is the greatest sin, and pride in their righteousness is the best way in every age to get a meat sack to be walled off to the Creator’s light.”

Lilith shook her head sadly, “How right you are. Everyone gets so stuck on Adam and Eve, but I wish the story had recorded, you know, the people that led to the other races and cultures around the world that He made.”

“Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve is one of the funniest ones I’ve heard one of the boys in Envy managed to get caught on up here,” Tie snorted.

“Flinch, yes, I recall,” Lilith soured at the memory of Flinch’s boasting about feeding that one to so-called Christians an age ago.

“Adam was such a nice, accepting, and loving man. How couldn’t he be after having been so close to the Creator?”

“You say that like that meat sack was any different than us,” Tie grumbled. “We remember, and it’s why we hate the meat sacks for it.”

“And what about the humans since? The ones born without it in this world?” Lilith swerved the car in a wide arc all the way to the carpool lane, then back out of it to the third lane to get around a pack of slow driving commuters.

“We just hate them, you know that.”

Lilith nodded slowly. “Because they can so easily obtain what you so terribly lost.”

Tie only snarled in response and curled up in his seat to put his back to her as if he were going to sleep. She shook her head at him and continued tearing her way down the highway, they were nearing the 134 Freeway that they could take back into the heart of LA. As she swerved for the exit ramp, Tie muttered, “someone’s awful forgiving of the guy she called a stuck up prude when I first met her.”

Lilith rolled her eyes, “oh come on, it may have been the beginning of time, but even then everyone knew there was more than just lights off, missionary, and sleep.”

Author: Y. Balloo

Amateur novelist / Work in progress.

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