Five Talents – On Salvation

Lucifer appears only tangentially in most of Five Talents. Usually in flashback side scenes like the excerpt I’ve previously shared on how Aba Don sorted the hordes of hell into their seven orders of sin. Lucifer, as I see him, is largely unconcerned with Hell’s mission as a larger organization. He’s the epitome of selfish, incredibly lazy, and plods along hedonistically trying to enjoy himself through the ages of man.

Aba’s admiration of Lucifer is pretty much a schoolboy crush. He’s Lucifer’s pet beta who works his ass off to impress his super cool friend when all the friend cares about is looking cool and partying. Here I present Lucifer and the Salvation of man:


At the time of Christ, Hell was in transition from its clan based oligarchy to a feudal caste hierarchy. Lucifer had given more notice and attention to the business in these days than he ever had, if only for the reason that he had so much great company coming in by the way of barbarian warriors, heathen pagans and perverted Romans. Lucifer said the parties just kept getting better and better.

He was particularly enthused when Sodom was destroyed- according to him, “Those Sodomites really bring some great fun with them, I just wish they’d come with more snacks and booze.”

Lucifer has never been much concerned with the opinion or well being of his retinue and the hordes of Hell cast down with him. Which is why corporation wide announcements and memos have been few and far between over the ages.

Only one exists in fact. When The Creator sent His only begotten son to die for the sins of man and conquer death, Lucifer is known to have done some work to prevent this. Devils are all told an account of some of his direct interactions with the Son are recorded in the Humans’ Christian Bible, he cautions that it severely undersells his panache and actual sales tempo. He cannot deny that regardless of how good his pitch to the Son was, the Son ultimately refused his temptations.

When asked how he managed to fail selling bread to a man who hadn’t eaten in forty days, Lucifer would explain Jesus had plenty of food and change the subject quickly. It’s rarely broached in Hell anyway, as no Devil has ever read the Bible.

Lucifer did some other work in a garden to try to stop the whole thing from happening, but three days later the Son of man died, stopped by the gates of Hell to pick up the keys, and went back to the Light the hordes of Hell would never again see.

Knowing that redemption for their sins was now just a matter of a stroke of faith for the human race, Lucifer issued a statement to his hordes on the matter:

“Well, just when the parties were getting good, there goes the neighborhood.”

Author: Y. Balloo

Amateur novelist / Work in progress.

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