Five Talents – A Devil Named Tie

There are two other Devils of note in my cast I haven’t yet introduced so I’ll devote this and my next post to them. The first is Gast’s right hand man and best friend, the Devil Tie. Tie has the good luck of having a human body he claimed from a mongol warlord in Genghis Khan’s army. Tie is another Devil of the order of Wrath (like Aba and Gast), and his enjoyment of his duties is a very different, much more “id-driven” thing than his counterparts:

Unlike Gast, Tie loved ditching his physical body once in awhile to work as a demon. He considered it good synergy when used strategically in conjunction with his work in the physical form. Oftentimes, the nudges and whispers he let drift over a meatsack were just the influence needed to push them into his waiting tree trunk arms for a deal. As a demon, he delighted himself in the little ways he plied influence through haunting, and was enthralled whenever he found a human broken or weak enough to allow him to enter and indwell, or even fully possess them. In the rare cases he managed a thorough possession, he was rarely kind to the bodies he commandeered.

Tie is very proudly responsible for every incident in the contiguous United States of adolscents and teenagers climbing or falling into animal enclosures in zoos. Humans are rarely so mentally weakened and susceptible to demonic possession than when they are on an overlong sightseeing trip with family. Let that be a lesson to you.

Similarly of note, Tie is also responsible for most of the new menu items added to Taco Bell in the past five years, another testament to synergy between Demon and Devil work.

Author: Y. Balloo

Amateur novelist / Work in progress.

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