Five Talents – A Devil Named Pitch

Until now, I’ve introduced three Devils in the order of Wrath (Aba, Gast and Tie) but other Devils from other orders will play minor roles, and one from Avarice, named Pitch, introduces the contrasting nature of Avarice to Wrath as both a section of Hell’s corporation and a sinful nature. Gast has the unique talent of having found allies in each circle that are black sheep: understanding their particular sins to a level beyond their peers which makes them more effective at sharpening its cut:

Gast scowled at the coffers of the Devils of avarice beside each Devil’s desk: overflowing yet never full- the paradox of greed. Each of the Devils hunched darkly over their desk constantly tabulating accruals, interest, gains, thefts, acquisitions, desires, targets, wants and needs. Occasionally they fit the small work of bean counting souls and other tangible resources for Hell in the process…

Gast strode purposefully up the rows, occasionally having to turn against a desk as an Envy imp or Devil raced past him almost bowling him over. Envy and Greed worked closely together, as did Envy and Lust; and Envy and Pride; and Envy and Gluttony, as Gast considered it.

Partnerships between Envy and Wrath was a subtle art, and only the most artful of demons knew how to let the envy and coveting of peace or some perversion of justice yield returns in the sin of Wrath. Very few seemed properly aware of the nuance. Gast mused that the only truly isolated sin was Sloth, as its perpetrators and Devils just wanted to binge Orange is the New Black on Netflix so could you please just get out of the way, the theme song is starting and that’s the best part.

There is but one Devil in Avarice whose coffer always runs empty though, and it was his desk for which Gast searched…

Gast eyed the coffer beside Pitch’s desk. His was a seven foot tall, reinforced steel monster of a safe, and the wide open door was facing Pitch, along with its bare shelves. Gast had for many centuries maintained that Pitch was better suited to just about any other order of sin than Avarice. It was Lilith, sometime in the 1960’s who had seen what Gast hadn’t about Pitch, and why he was actually superlative among the Devils of Greed with his empty shelves.

Author: Y. Balloo

Amateur novelist / Work in progress.

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