Five Talents – A Devil Named Aba Don

Aba Don is my villain and the Executive Director of the Order of Wrath in Hell. Whereas Lucifer is completely self-serving and self-focused in my story, Aba takes it on himself to carry out what he believes to be the work and fighting Lucifer desires. One nerdy note on Aba: his name is a play on the name of a demon called out in Revelations 9:11, Abaddon: “They had as king over them the angel of the Abyss, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon.”

Aba is the demon who, the moment the dust settles from their being cast out of Heaven rages to bring the hordes of demons to order and sorts them into their orders of sin. This is another of my side story sections flashing back to this moment at the beginning of time to tell how and why demons were sorted as they were:

Aba sprung to action with bloodcurdling roars and howls. With his bare hands and his corrupted sickle he had held through the fall from grace he hew the masses of demons and devils to order. From a barbaric feral horde he culled them to their first bands of clans known as the orders of sins.

Those who fought and raged in fury at the light’s rejection became the first among the order of Wrath. Those who fought to try to take the place of whichever other demons they thought might somehow be closer to that light which they lost he set to be the order of Envy. Those whose lack of light propelled them to vile, empty and furious sexuality he called the Lechery. The demons who sought to hoard what material riches and possessions they could claim among the rocks and brimstone of the pit in futility of trying to account for the infinite love they now lacked became Avarice. Those who could not move for lack of motivation without the light surrounding and propelling them became the demons of Sloth.

Then there were the demons who were eating their feelings. They were Gluttony. Obviously.

Author: Y. Balloo

Amateur novelist / Work in progress.

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