Five Talents – Demons, Imps, and Devils. Oh my.

Five Talents, I’ve mentioned sees a Hell structured as a corporation. As such, the hierarchies of its denizens are tied to their corporate functions. There are formless demons, demons who have been given corrupt bodies (imps) and those demons of such talent at corruption who are gifted the bodies of former humans to use for their work:

Through whatever structure changes, reorgs and CEO strategy, Hell has always been concerned with its one upping of Heaven in claiming souls. At the base level of operations, formless demons work ethereally through whispers, nudges and tweaks to distract, tempt and sway human beings away from the Creator. In the modern corporate structure, they are R&D, market research for target demographics, and customer service.

Imps are demons inhabiting lesser bodies who can work and interact in the physical world. Their bodies, having been crafted by Lucifer, are grotesqueries. While many may have forms that are functional, logical, or even (to some human perceptions) pretty, their curse and truth is that none of them turned out to be what Lucifer had actually intended to design them to be, despite what he may claim.

Much like your friend Alex that one time when he was smashed at the party and made that wicked beer pong shot off the wall, a person’s hat and got it into the cup, neither Alex nor Lucifer “totally meant to do that.” Imps work primarily in Operations, delivering materials and other tools such as hell connected cell phones, messages and catering. Think of your first internship out of college.

From Director up to Executive Management, Devils are those Demons who have proven their ambition, cunning and personification of the order of their calling (Greed, Lust, Wrath, Sloth, Gluttony, Pride, or Envy) so superlatively that they have been granted the empty husk of a human being whose soul and life spark has vacated its vessel. The bodies in these cases are claimed along with the soul of a person who has made a deal once they inevitably die. Devils given these bodies are also privy to host of other physical powers to control the material world and influence men in the performance of their duties: Sales and Acquisitions.

Author: Y. Balloo

Amateur novelist / Work in progress.

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