Five Talents – A Devil Named Gast

My vision of Hell for Five Talents is that of a corporation. Like any business, it’s robust with corruption, inefficiency and competitiveness. The main character among my Devils is a Director Level Soul Acquisition Agent named Gast. Gast works for the Wrath Division but he’s very effective at playing on peoples’ desire for fame and wealth. My first scene with him has him executing on just such a deal with a woman who wants to be a famous rapper. As with any good “deal with the devil” Gast draws a certain pleasure that the woman wants to be a “famous rapper” and not “famous for rapping.” This is Gast giving our unnamed rapper and overview of Hell’s services included with the deal for her soul, and how fame is bolstered and managed in this day and age:

“Your deal comes with full social media management of your twitter account to keep you on point, plus you get the enticing looks bonus so you’ll always be well dressed wherever you go.” Gast finished confirming the soul acquisition internally with accounts receivable, then started the requisitions for delivery with the lesser imps in the Operations department.

“Some extra things to keep in mind: TMZ and Gawker are all ours, so if you see any of those guys, just know they’re part of the package.”

“Right, I’ll be sure to say hello.”

“Oh, no, no, no,” Gast tutted, “tell them to fuck off, eat shit, or whatever. We want them to keep you in the tabloids. No one famous gets airtime for being polite.”

Except Tom Hanks, Gast glowered inwardly before glaring at the sky thinking of: that pristine mannered prick.

Author: Y. Balloo

Amateur novelist / Work in progress.

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