Five Talents – Flushed

Starting today, I’ll be sharing snippets of Five Talents I continue drafting it. I’ve already written 70 pages of my rough draft, so I may even double back on already completed work as I double back for edits and continuity. For now, I’ll be labeling these posts “blurbs” and I’ll get around to organizing them under a separate blog header page when they add up.

For now, I’ll offer a bit of introduction: Felicia (Swanson-Thomas) is the (cougar) Food Editor of my fictional LA Weekly, and she has a sadistic sexual obsession with my main character, Calvin. Not solely out of attraction, but rather because of a misinterpreted joke when he started she believes he’s gay and that she can “convert” him. Convert him with her sexy parts. Here’s some of her thought process and reaction to Calvin emailing her late one night about an article he’d like to write:

She noted that he’d cranked out the article reviewing the closest neighborhood spot he could find and then used it as an excuse to email it to her at this hour of the night. Perhaps, she considered, he was hoping for a response in the vein of: “my, my, up late? Staying up much longer?”

Felicia grinned and felt her cheeks and more flush hot, this wasn’t going be a satisfactory end with a sloppy booty call- even if he sprung for an UberX.

No, no. This was the finals- the championship series. It had to go the distance: seven games, down to the buzzer.

‘To the buzzer,’ she mused, was a deliciously ironic understatement.

Author: Y. Balloo

Amateur novelist / Work in progress.

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